In the last couple of years, the world of publicity is heading in a different direction: new faces which are more accessible are being requested. So, in 2000, l’École l’Officielle de la Mode, who has been working in the fashion world for more than 35 years, created a new division with l’Agence Caractère to satisfy this need. L’Agence Caractère offer a different way than the professional and traditional “models”. L’Agence Caractère represents men and women who conform with the restricted needs in the fashion industry. L’Agence Caractère represents more than 100 faces and models. We represent different categories: babies, children, adolescents, women, men, seniors and stout persons. All these people represent very well the french and english majority. Soon as you look at the following photographs, you will see the diversity of our candidates. If you need more details on our models, contact us, it will be our privilege to answer any of your questions. L’Agence Caractère recruits their models for their photogenic and their facility to adapt to the situation required. Submit your projects and we will respond to it. L’Agence Caractère works with a professional artistic team: hair dresser, cosmetician, stylists, photographer, etc….These artists offer a professional and distinctive approach. Our people have an exceptional talent. Their photos follow.